Monday, April 10, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P2T5_Anonymous from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
Hi there, and welcome to todays blog. Once again it is about a GT project.  Our current project is a movie trailer. This time, the class got to vote on what project we wanted to do. Along with a few of my friends, I was rather disappointed with this project choice. No matter, though. If we work hard it can be fun and rewarding. The trailer needs to be 90 to 120 seconds long. A dramatic voice actor is required. Personally, I prefer text with voice overs from the characters, but rules are rules. I don't mind voice actors at all. The voice actor should intrigue the audience, and the trailer is supposed to end on a cliffhanger. Many great trailers end on cliffhangers, so I think filming and editing the cliffhanger part will be fun. We will improve the production value by using various different composition techniques. We also need to create a movie poster, to create
interest in the movie. Our trailer is about a girl who receives a mysterious
letter, with a picture of her and another person. Thinking it may be her lost sibling, she follows a map on the letter, and on the next letter it leads to. She is soon lead to an eerie abandoned building, where all shall soon be revealed. If not her sibling, who or what will she find?

Just like any other project, this project has had its highs and lows. One the biggest challenges for us has been meeting up to film. Our group lives far apart, which presents the first challenge. Our group member that was the main character was sick over break and I was not on island. She also had difficulty getting a ride to the setting. In my opinion, our biggest success was the editing. Treyson and I have understood the editing process, even though we rarely use Final Cut Pro. We both agree on how it should be edited, so the editing has been a smooth ride overall. The group is going to meet this weekend, to makeup for lost filming time because of the aforementioned complications.

By now the project is completed. We are happy with the result, and it got a reasonable grade. The class voted on it, and the results shown here. Most of the class thought we met all expectations on all subjects. A few people thought that we did better than expected, hence the subtle "ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!" On the results. Others thought we did not meet the requirements, because "others" were salty because ours was actually sort of good. I think the overall consensus was that it fell right in the middle, and was acceptable quality. Over the time we had to work on this project, I have learned a lot. The most I learned about was working in groups. Everybody's working style varies, and that may be a challenge during the process.

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