Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Hello there! As you know, my name is Callum, and this is my blog! The reason I'm blogging is for a gifted and talented media class. Don't get me wrong, though, I enjoy doing it and talking to you. In class, we've been talking a lot about poetry recently, and have a Photoshop project coming up soon. Poetry is not a big part of my life, but it does have meaning to me. It can be many things. It doesn’t even have to rhyme! It can be lighthearted, or very deep. There are comedic poets, Like Shel Silverstine, and serious poets, like T.S. Elliot. Poetry also comes in many forms, such as haiku, free verse, and sonnets. Overall, I think poetry is a way of expressing yourself, entertaining others and evoking emotion.

I get my motivation from others, friends so close they're almost brothers.
Putting in hard work, but saving time to enjoy the artwork.
My biggest goal is to be happy with my life. Go the extra mile, so I can truly smile.

Above was my personal statement, in the form of a poem. It wasn't very long, but it's true for me. Because it's a poem, I used rhythm and rhyming. I used rhyme in a cuplet form, by using a different rhyming sound in each line and putting the rhyming sound in the middle and the end of each sentence. I tried to use rhythm by splitting each line evenly in the middle. 

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